We develop applications for mobile devices based on iOS. Such applications usually are part of the business projects of large companies who are interested in drawing attention to their activities by paying customers and, thus, expand its customer base.
Mobile devices running on the platform iOS is the embodiment of unique technologies of Apple corporation. Creating software for devices of this class requires high professional skills. Therefore, Limehat priority was to create a team of highly skilled professionals. To date, this has been achieved – the best team of developers to turn their innovative ideas into exclusive iOS applications.
Our work is carried out in close cooperation with the customer. The main target is the target destination application, on which the planned functionality. Next comes the coordination of interface design, the proposed volume settings and other issues.
The cost of our services depends on the feature set of the finished product. You can estimate the cost of sending a request through feedback form or .

Why should you choose iOS platform for your next application?

Quality Hardware

The undeniable advantage of mobile devices from Apple is that they are working on designed specifically for them operating system iOS. In addition, these use the best components and build quality is conducted at the highest level. This explains the extremely high performance of these devices.
Ordering app for iOS, you can be sure that it will work with maximum speed and efficiency, without any unforeseen disruptions.

More paying customers

The consequence of good quality and relevance of the brand is its impressive value. The vast majority of users of devices based on iOS – are successful people who have a stable income. They can afford to not only expensive equipment, but also the best software. They are willing to pay for any application that they are interested in.
We conclude that powerful paid apps better to create it under the system iOS. This will increase the profitability of their development and creation, as well as paying customers are interested in the main activity of your company.

Applications are approved by Apple

It is known that placing iOS application App Store takes from 1 to 3 weeks. This is due to the fact that all software published on this resource, tested by Apple. Therefore, we must be prepared that the first run and subsequent updates the application will take some time. If the speed of the output of the project is crucial for you, it might be better to pay attention to the platform Android.