Limehat specializes in designing and building mobile applications for devices based on Android. We are talking about an exclusive software, which aims – the rising popularity of the brand and increase customer revenue by expanding the audience of potential customers.
High efficiency and quality of our work achieved by attracting professionals who have attained a high level of professionalism in the design, interface design, programming and debug Android applications. The rational organization of workflow can reduce the time spent on routine part of the job and pay more attention to expand the range of applications.
We provide clients with assistance in the selection of functional, the most appropriate to the needs of the company and line of business, think over together design style and principles of future applications.
For each client, we are preparing new ideas and suggestions. The result is an exclusive, beautiful and easy to use software. Users tend to express their appreciation for our work.
Price for developing software consists of several parts depending on the product design and functionality. You can calculate the cost of sending a request through feedback form [/ notphone] form feedback [/ phone] or .

Why choose the Android platform for your application?

The biggest audience

According to authoritative sources in-depth analysis of the global mobile market has shown that over the past few years the leading position confidently hold smartphones based on operating system Android. A huge army of users includes members of all ages and social groups.
This is the target audience, which is designed to provide a mobile Android application. Ordering the development of software, you get the largest number of potential clients among smartphone users who download the application will receive information about your company and be able to share it with others.

Solvency users is not as important

Important to note that the popularity of smart phones due to their relatively low cost. Buyers of low-cost mobile devices are often those who are not ready to invest heavily in technical upgrade and improve communication. These users prefer to download free apps and content with their functionality.
In this regard, the Android application development can be provided only rational free proliferation. If you wish to make an application fee, we recommend that you opt for the operating system iOS .

Rapid publication of applications

Since the placement of the Android app and before it is published to Google Play usually takes no more than 5-7 hours. This efficiency is due to the fact that the process of testing of new products Google service takes place after publication. For comparison: the arrangement iOS app in the App Store takes 1-3 weeks, due to the long waiting checks by Apple.
If we consider that for every hour you could buy thousands of views, the rapid publication of the application is a strong argument in favor of selecting a program for devices Android.

Should I choose?

Of course, the choice is always there, but judging from our experience, the best results can be achieved by releasing the application and under Android, and under iOS . This will significantly increase the target audience, and with it the commercial benefit from the use of the application.